Our expert teams work relentlessly with a motto: help our clients take the best decision on water. Because water is an essential building block of life, we know that our clients deserve nothing but the best when it comes to water.

A customer centric experience like you've never had before

We are professional, enthusiastic team with many years of specialized experience in sustainable water quality products and services. From a humble beginning in 2013, we have now grown to become the most trusted provider of water quality products and services in the country.  Today, as we serve thousands of happy clients comprising of reputed multinational companies, leading business houses, top rated hotels, F&B outlets, institutions and homes, we attribute our success to one important factor – always think and act from the customers’ point.

What’s in a name?

For many businesses, a name is only a name. But for us, it is a reflection of our business philosophy. It stems from our strong resolute that we will only be engaged in businesses that will not hurt our ECO system (environment, people and the future generations) and we will apply our SENSE to make positive impact on our ECO system in every business we undertake.

Our Story

Every business we undertake has a story behind it. A story that makes our life meaningful and drives us passionately.

When we realized that 184 or so water bottling plants are processing water sourced from utility companies – the same water we get through tap network – filling in plastic bottles that release endocrine disrupting chemicals and exposing these bottles to extreme heat and sunlight in the distribution process – accelerating the chemical exposure, we asked an important question. Why can’t we process water at point of use, instead of at remote bottling plants, thereby saving consumers from plastic exposure and the environment from substantial carbon footprint? Our search for the best solution lead to our drinking water systems that integrate the most appropriate purification technology for this region and dispense unlimited supply of hot and cold drinking water for our customers. Now, for all our customers, bottled water is a history!

Sep 2015 issue of “International Journal of Environmental Science & Development” had a very disturbing report. A study conducted jointly by Zayed University and Manipal University, Dubai has revealed that more than 50% of the bottled water dispensers sampled were contaminated with bacteria, including coliform and P. aeruginosa. This prompted us to think as to how we can safely protect users of water dispensers from possible bacterial infections. Finally, with the help of specialized experts from University of Illinois, we developed STERI-PRO sterilization system that we now use to carry out antibacterial sterilization of water dispensers in a 100% environmental friendly and safe manner.

During client meetings, our specialists were often asked advice on how to prevent high hair fall and rough hair, apparently caused by “harsh” water in this region. From our in-depth research, we knew that the water here is perfect, and it is the advanced chlorination technology used in this region – higher reactive potency and substantially higher half-life for better microbiological safety of tap water – that caused the water to be “harsh” on hair and skin. Hoping that we can find a shower filter that we can recommend to our clients, we tested samples of 24 different shower filters available here. Unfortunately, none of them qualified our tests.

They did not meet either performance, functionality or capacity expectations. At this point, it was clear that we should develop a shower filter that is suitable for water and usage conditions of this region. After evaluation of various technologies, it became clear that KDF technology, developed by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. is the most appropriate technology for tap water in the region. After a meticulous product development process, we introduced our shower filter, which is NSF certified for performance with usage capacity of 50,000 Liters and outstanding functionality. We now have the best shower filter for this region that we can proudly recommend to all our discerning customers!

Our Values

Customer Centricity

Teamwork, Synergy & Win-Win

Innovation & Adaptability

Integrity & Trust

Pro-activity & Leadership

Exceeding Expectations

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate adoption of eco-friendly products, technologies and solutions by customers – individuals and establishments – by lowering adoption threshold through innovative business models, practices and solutions and by demonstrating genuine customer orientation, always keeping in mind the wellbeing of our customers, the society and the wider environment.