Drinking Water Purifiers

A range of high quality and aesthetically appealing Bottle Free Drinking Water Systems that purify tap water into water compliant to UAE Drinking Water standards and conveniently supply unlimited amount of hot, cold or normal drinking water. Backed with professional advice on model selection, installation, scheduled service and guaranteed support for a smooth journey. Whether for Institutions, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Outlets or Homes, these systems help you move away from bottled water for a healthier, convenient and economical drinking water experience.

Food & Beverage Purifiers

Food and Beverage preparation requires specialized water purification for optimum taste, quality and equipment life. From Gourmet Cafes to star rated restaurants, our professional F & B purification systems ensure that the input water is purified to the stringent quality standards, consistently. With purification performance and capacity far exceeding industry standards, thanks to the unique state of the art hybridization technology, our systems substantially reduce cost of ownership, filter replacement frequency and equipment footprint to F & B outlets.

Shower & Bath Filters

Revitalize your hair and skin with high-quality shower filter designed specifically for handling tap water in this region. Make every shower a wonderful experience! Developed based on stringent benchmark tests on performance, functionality and capacity, this shower filter effectively eliminates Chlorine and Heavy Metals from shower water to give you and your family the best results. Tested and certified to NSF standards for filtration up to 50,000 Liters, this is a must to have accessory in every bathroom. Outstanding results, guaranteed!

Water Dispenser Sterilization

Do you know water dispenser is one of the germiest appliance in a household or office? Due to constant wetness, frequent bottle changes and usage by many, a broad spectrum of disease causing bacteria enter and colonize both inside and outside the water dispenser over time. A periodic antibacterial sterilization is mandatory for water dispensers to ensure the quality of drinking water. Our powerful STERI-PRO antibacterial sterilization process ensures 100% sterilization of water dispensers, both inside and outside, so that you can enjoy germ free water.




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